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30 April 2007 @ 02:16 pm
B-O-R-I-N-G Progress Report  
Well, I was right. I'm extending Week 9 another week. This is a tough one, all right. I can't shake the thoughts like "You shouldn't be sitting here reading email, you should be drawing/painting/sewing! Don't be so lazy about it." I'm not lazy, I'm getting through a block.

The weekend was dry artistically except for a handful of photographs and some "playing" with watercolor and pencil I did on Sunday.

My email this morning greeted me with an invitation to enter a print exhibition starting in Seattle that will travel and be shown at five or six different locations before it is retired. I've done tons of printing over the years and am actually quite interested in and excited about this show. I've never entered MYSELF in any kind of show - juried or non - someone else has always done it behind my back. Nice, huh? Now I get to take a big first step without ever having made a plan for this kind of thing. Seat of my pants, that's how I roll.

I've actually got a piece of work in my head for this show that I'm hoping to get to tonight. It will be a two-process print: wood block followed by screen printing. I'll be sure to post a pic as soon as there is one!