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16 May 2007 @ 06:18 pm
A Long-Awaited Update.  
There hasn't been much time in my schedule for even the quickest of updates lately. Warm weather seems to bring about so many extra things that the family has to do - softball, Girl Scouts, clubs, whatever. Maybe it just seems like more in the Spring and Summer.

I got my first "commissioned" job. All digital and EASY. Another Entrepreneur Mom I know that makes some really awesome vintage-style stuff with retro fabrics and oilcloth hired me to knock her socks off with a new logo and the layout/design of her line sheets. Her business is really picking up and she's been approached by some BIG retailers that want her stuff but she has no marketing materials to give them. Leave it to me. Oh, and she's paying me with merchandise and I'm TOTALLY okay with that. I'll be handing her the logo samples tomorrow.

I've been doing some linoleum cuts lately and have (so far) done two short print runs. Part of one is going in as another contest entry and the rest will be matted and framed (evilegg, I could use some advice on this - or hire you if you're willing to ship) to sell at the Farmers' Market this summer. Speaking of the Market, I've been scoping it out every day they're open and have yet to see anyone else with original 2-D artwork. There were a couple of potters and a woodcarver, but that's it. That bodes well for me.

I have a juried show that I'm about to submit entries for that I'm pretty excited about. The deadline is looming (05/31) and I'm supposed to be getting some kid-free time tonight to work on that. Cross your fingers for me!